: Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle - Textured T700 Surface Provides Maximum Ball Spin | Elongated or Widened Pickleball Racket Shapes Available


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Premium Paddle Without The Price Tag: The Rampage features the same technology found in pickleball equipment that costs over twice as much. You don’t need to break the bank to get an advanced pickleball paddle with all the latest features.Maximum Pickle Ball Spin: The Toray T700 raw carbon surface featured on the Rampage is extremely gritty and allows pickleball players to put extreme amounts of spin on the ball. This texture is a natural feature of the T700 surface, and lasts much longer than other spray on grit types as a result.Superior Control on The Court: The Rampage features a 16mm Polymer Core and a widened paddle face that can give players an edge when dinking, dropping, and blocking. With this paddle, you can find yourself hitting those tough shots with ease.Durable Construction: Built to last, both paddles featured in the pro carbon line feature a durable sheet of Toray carbon fiber from top to bottom. You can trust that your Bison Paddle will hold up game after game, season after season.USA Pickleball Approved: You can trust that our paddle meets the highest standards of quality and performance, making it the perfect choice for competitive players that are looking to sign up for tournaments. The Summit Pickleball Paddle is the ultimate choice for advanced players looking to up their game. The T700 Raw Carbon fiber face allows for maximum spin on the pickleball, while the elongated shape gives you extra reach when chasing down those hard to get shots. Experience the perfect balance of power and control with the 14mm polymer core featured on The Summit. This innovative core technology provides the ideal combination of strength and precision, making it a top choice for players of all skill levels. But that’s not all – this paddle is built to last, with a durable construction that will hold up game after game. Plus, it’s packed with high-tech features typically only found on more expensive paddles. Don’t let the price fool you – The Summit is a top-of-the-line paddle that can go head to head with any other paddle on the market. So why spend more when you can get the same features for less with The Summit?