Curve Classic Pickleball Paddle, USAPA Approved Pickle Ball Rackets, Progrit Texture, Max Spin & Control, Comfort Cushion Grip, Long Handle, Fiberglass, Polypropylene Honeycomb Core


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✅ MIDWEIGHT PADDLE, HEAVY ON QUALITY – The ProGrit textured fiberglass pickleball racket face generates optimal spin for powerful and precise shots. Maintain ball control with the perfect weight and balance built for speed and performance. The low profile edge guard provides ample racquet protection. The advanced polypropylene core and premium fiberglass face enhances the racket’s sweet spot so you can perform every ace, dink, volley, drive and lob like a professional.✅ PERFECT GRIP SIZE FOR COMFORT & CONTROL – The unique 5.5” long contoured cushioned composite handle supports one and two handed shots. Tennis players transitioning to pickleball will appreciate the extra grip space and tennis racquet handle shape. The medium 4.25″ grip circumference is suitable for men and women and provides room for quick hand changes to switch easily between volleys and dinks. The soft grip limits stress on your hand and elbow so you can play longer with more accurate shots.✅ INNOVATIVE & STYLISH DESIGN – Loaded with top technology and crafted from premium materials, the ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle is the top recreational paddle. Its balanced and comfortable feel makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor play at all levels from beginner to intermediate or advanced. This pickle ball paddle is available in vibrant color options set against a brilliant white background. Elevate your game in style with professional grade pickle-ball equipment from ROKNE.✅ USAPA APPROVED, SUPER SWEET – The ROKNE Curve Classic is USAPA approved for tournament play. The polypropylene honeycomb core technology enhances the pickleball paddle’s sweet spot and helps eliminate dreaded mishits. The rough textured ProGrit fiberglass face generates optimal friction to ensure maximum spin for your best pickleball shots. Transform your game with this USAPA approved racket and challenge the best players on the pickle ball court.✅ OUR PROMISE – The pickleball community deserves the best, and ROKNE is committed to designing and developing premium, reliable, professional-grade USAPA approved pickleball paddles that inspire confidence and fun on the court. All ROKNE pickle ball rackets are designed in the USA. Pick one up for yourself and a friend. The ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle is the perfect pickleball gift. Join the ROKNE family of players today. Product Description Get A Competitive Edge Without Sacrificing Comfort. Control & Comfort Win The Game! The USAPA tournament-approved ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle infuses precision, power, speed, and control into your game to give you the competitive edge you need. The expertly engineered mid-weight design is perfectly balanced to reduce stress on the body without sacrificing power and pop. The Perfect Pickleball Paddle Designed By Players For Players. You Deserve Quality. Don’t Settle For Less. Get the quality you deserve. Achieve optimal shot placement with maximum maneuverability and control with this perfectly balanced advanced polypropylene honeycomb core pickleball paddle. The enhanced sweet spot will allow you to hit a perfectly-placed shot every time. The ProGrit fiberglass surface ensures that you generate maximum spin on each shot. Don’t settle for less. Pick up pickleball’s top recreational paddle and improve your game on the spot. Approved by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) in 2021. Achieve Optimal Speed and Spin to Elevate Your Pickleball Game. The Right Paddle Will Improve Your Skills. The ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle improves your skills on the court with the perfect weight, power, and spin. The contoured cushioned handle comfort no matter how long you play. The professional-grade ROKNE Curve Classic pickle ball paddleincreases your control and precision Set yourself up for success and improve your pickleball technique with the advanced ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball racket. Win With The Perfect Grip, Size & Shape. A Winning Design This ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle was designed for optimal balance and playability so you can play longer and avoid unnecessary stress on the body. The Optimal Size The ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle sports a midweight design for optimal speed, power, and control. The extended cushioned contour composite handle provides extra grip space. More Comfort, More Shots The ideal 4.25-inch grip circumference on the ROKNE Curve Classic paddle offers max comfort for both male and female players so everyone can play longer with more accurate shots. The Top Technology Every ROKNE Curve Classic pickleball paddle is made with a high-quality ProGrit textured fiberglass surface, advanced polypropylene honeycomb core, and low-profile protective edge guard. We’re Dedicated to Helping You Play Better.