Factor Pickleball Paddle, Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles with Enhance PP Honeycomb Core, Ultra Cushion Pickleball Rackets Grip, Lightweight, Grit Face, Gift Box & Paddle Cover


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CARBON FIBER GRIT SURFACE: Featuring a multi-layer design, HANISHA’s revolutionary pickle ball paddle technology creates a carbon fiber board with a unique grit texture for increased durability and super-soft control. Larger sweet spot delivers exceptional power and maximum spin.EHANCED HONEYCOMB CORE: Equipped with a 13mm enhanced polypropylene core to 10mm, which creates a highly dense core that enhances the strength and structural stability of the pickleball racket. This technology maximizes bounce consistency, and maintains a constant speed while absorbing hits.ULTRA-CUSHION GRIP: Crafted from Ultra-Comfort material, HANISNA pickleball paddles offer a sweat absorbent & comfortable grip, and mostly absorb impacts to the hand. With ergonomic grip design, 4.33″ grip circumference and 5″ length, which fits multiple hand shapes and accompanies you to win every game.STRONG CONTROL & LIGHTWEIGHT: HANISNA lightweight carbon fiber pickleball paddle design for decreasing ball noise and impact to enhance your control and spin of the ball. Only 7.94 ounces, friendly to shoulder and wrist without too much pressure, which enables both pro and rookie can play for longer hours.EDGE-SHIELD PROTECTION + 3 YEARS WARRANTY: Pickle ball racket are USAPA APPROVED and the rim of the racket are made of tpu, tpv and polypropylene, preventing damage when the racket is dropped. If you have any questions about pickleball paddles, please contact us and the HANISNA customer service team will respond within 24 hours. Product Description Material Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Lead What’s Included ‎1 Pickleball Paddle & 1 Paddle Cover ‎1 Pickleball Paddle & 1 Paddle Cover & 2 Grip Tapes ‎1 Pickleball Paddle & 1 Paddle Cover & 2 Grip Tapes 2 Paddles & 2 Grip Tapes & 4 Pickleballs & 1 Bag 20 Pcs