Neobadge Pickleball Lead Tape - Super High Adhesive Lead Tape - Designed Specifically for Pickleball Paddles -



  • Superior Adhesive Technology for Unwavering Stability : Our product uses advanced adhesive technology to securely attach lead tape to any position on the racket, providing maximum stability even during intense competitions. Say goodbye to the issue of lead tape falling off and stay focused on dominating the game.
  • Unleash Your Power, Master Your Shots : Our premium lead tape specializes in improving the racket’s balance and weight, resulting in enhanced strength and stability. Witness your shooting accuracy soar and your error rates plummet. Whether you’re seeking greater power or improved control, our Pickleball Lead Tape caters to diverse playing styles, empowering you to achieve peak performance.
  • Effortless Installation, Instant Impact : Simply remove the Lead Tape, place it in your desired location on the racket, and effortlessly adjust the weight and center of gravity. Achieve your perfect setup in just minutes, giving you an immediate edge on the court.
  • Achieve exact weight control with our precision-calibrated scale : Each 3g lead tape undergoes meticulous calibration, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy for seamless weight adjustment. Fine-tune your shots with confidence and precision.
  • The Choice of Champions, Quality You Can Trust : With over 90% of top-tier players opting for our Pickleball Lead Tape, it stands as the top choice for those seeking to amplify their strength and suitability. Should you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to provide swift resolutions. Invest in excellence today and redefine your Pickleball journey.