Pickleball Paddles, Pickleball Gift, Fiberglass Pickleball Rackets, Wristbands and Pickleball Cover - Indoor & Outdoor Pickleball Set for Beginners & Intermediate Players


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✅ A QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Unlike wooden pickleball paddles that are clumsy and offer less benefits, these fiberglass paddles are constructed with a high-quality graphite carbon fiber surface and honeycomb polypropylene core perfect for intermediate or new player who is getting used to controlling the pop and short shots. And the best part? – They have a protective edge guard to keep you safe and extends the lifespan of your investment.✅ GOOD BALANCE AND COMFORTABLE GRIP – The hand-stitched contour grip and the classic shape of the paddle makes it comfortable and non-slippery at the same time, so they remain comfortable and very easy to handle no matter how many hours you intend to play. And thanks to the ergonomic shape and perfect handle size it is excellent for beginner to intermediate players for high performance and better wrist roll to create more topspin.✅ IDEAL FOR DEDICATED PLAYERS – Ready to get to the next level and play pickleball like a pro? – Look no further than Aieoposo Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set for better chance to score even if you’ve got zero experience in pickleball playing.✅ THE COMPLETE PICKLEBALL SET – This pickleball paddle set has everything you need to play pickleball indoors or outside. It comes with its own pickleball paddle cover and wristbands specially designed to provide perfect comfort and breathability, in beautiful grey color to match the taste of the players.✅ BETTER PLAY & PADDLE LIFE: Protect your paddle from dirt, dents, scratches, & moisture. Pickle ball paddle covers extend the life of your paddle surface for more spin & accuracy. Custom, snug fit helps keep the grooves & texture from rubbing away. Whether you’re a pickleball intermediate or a beginner player looking to get into the game, this paddle set is the one for you!BUILD TO LAST WITH ATTENTION TO DETAILS – High-quality graphite paddles with honeycomb polypropylene core paddle material offer a light paddle weight that is durable and feels great with a protective edge guard to increase the contact area while reducing errors and ensuring accuracy. And since the honeycomb core is among the quietest and softest out there, these paddles are an ideal option for those who want to play in places with noise restrictions. ENHANCED GRIP FOR EXTRA COMFORT – Enjoy playing pickleball in a style that allows you to maintain a firm hold on the paddle, featuring a sewing grip free from scattering specially engineered to deliver a super-dry, slip-free experience, so you can play pickleball without the hassle of dealing with sweaty hands.PICKLEBALL BALLS FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GAMES – The pickleball ball’s typical look is a sphere made of an extremely light yet durable brightly-colored hollow plastic with holes around the entire circumference. The high-visibility yellow and orange colors make the balls easy to spot and retrieve.JUST THE RIGHT FIBERGLASS PICKLEBALL SET – Get everything you need for a perfect indoor and outdoor game, because this pickleball set comes with a pair of high-performance paddles, paddle cover for active folks on the go. Paddle Face Material: Glass fiberFace Texture: Rough-gritCore: Polypropylene honeycombDimensions: 15.5” x 7.8” PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Pickleball paddle1 x Wristbands1 x Pickleball paddle coverORDER NOW and get started with the great game of pickleball!