Pickleball Paddles Set - USAPA Approved Fiberglass Pickleball Set, Lightweight Pickle Ball Rackets 2 Pack with 4 Pack Pickleballs, 1 Carry Bag, Pickleball Gifts for Women Men Beginners


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【Perfect for Beginners】We understand that as novice players you are eager to bring out your game right at the beginning, and that’s why the Vinsguir pickleball rackets and balls are designed with the ideal materials, weight, and dimensions to help you achieve just that! With its thicker core for impact absorption, fiberglass surface with improved control, and 5-inch grip long enough for an overgrip.【Unmatched Power, Spin & Affordability】All made possible by the Vinsguir pickleball paddle face material – fiberglass – the king material for power and feel, making the ball bounce right back like a trampoline. The textured surface makes it much easier to put a spin on the ball, which is a weapon on the pickleball court! Best of all, its great value saves you big bucks so that you can enjoy the pickleball fun with your friends without breaking your bank.【Ideal Weight for Consistency, Control & Touch】A light weight means easy maneuverability, so it is wise to start with a light paddle (7.3- 8.2 oz) if you are just developing your skills. The pickle ball paddle set of 2 adults boasts a light weight of 7.8 oz allowing even novice players to hit consistently. And if you are looking to improve ball control and touch (precise aim and carefully placed dink shots), definitely go for a lighter paddle like that offered by the Vinsguir pickleball set!【One-Size-Fits-All Handle】The Vinsguir pickleball handle size (length: 4.92”, circumference: 4.25”) works perfectly for the majority of people. Unlike big grips that may cause slippage or elbow problems, the smaller Vinsguir grip allows for more wrist action yet with more control, which translates to easier spin on the ball. Not to mention that the pickle ball set of 2 comes with a premium grip which adds a level of comfort and also absorbs sweat to keep you fresh all day!【USA Pickleball Approved for Tournament Play】The Vinsguir pickleball racket has been approved by the national governing body for pickleball – USA Pickleball (previously USAPA) for tournament play. As the only pickleball set that you’ll ever need on your journey from being a newbie to a pro, it comes with 2 premium fiberglass pickleball paddles, 2 outdoor pickleball balls (40 holes), 2 indoor pickleball balls (26 holes) &1 pickleball bag. Go enjoy it with your friend/family Product Description Lightweight & Portable Wide Body Premium Material Widely Use USAPA Approved Vinsguir pickleball paddles have been approved by USA Pickleball for Tournament Play. A professional racket for a pro like you! The Largest Sweet Spot The wider face maximizes the sweet spot to minimize your mishits so you can make consistent shots, even if you are a new player. Comfortable Anti-Slip Grip 4.25″ in circumference, the moisture-wicking, perforated handle ensures a secure grip and keeps your hand dry throughout a game’s duration. Premium Material for Long Wear This pickleball paddle is protected by a tough edge guard from damage on ground hits and the like, improves its durability and prolongs its life. VINSGUIR WAS BORN INSPIRED BY THE LOVE AND SPIRIT OF PICKLEBALL Face Fiberglass Impression Face Carbon Graphite 16mm Face Fiberglass Old-fashioned Face Fiberglass Aurora Blue Face / / Core Honeycomb Composite Core Polymer Honeycomb Cores Polymer Honeycomb Cores Polymer Honeycomb Cores / / Weight 7.8 oz 7.8 oz 7.8 oz 7.8 oz / / Handle Length 4.8 In 4.25 In 4.92 In 4.8 In / / Package included 2 Paddles & 4 Balls & 1 Bag 1 Paddle 2 Paddles & 4 Balls & 1 Bag 4 Paddles & 4 Balls & 1 Bag / 12 PACK Pickleball Balls Best for Beginner to Professional Beginner to Professional Beginner to Professional Beginner to Professional Professional Beginner to Professional