YC DGYCASI Graphite Pickleball Paddles Set of 2, 2023 USAPA Approved, Carbon Fiber Surface (CHS), Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, Anti-Slip Sweat-Absorbing Grip, 4 Pickleball, Portable Carry Bag


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【Features brought by the material】Our racket us honeycomb composite polymer core, which has ideal strength and rigidity, and is light in weight, provide nice bounce, reduce ball deflection,which improves your pitching performance.The YC DGYCASI pickleball paddle strikes the perfect balance between great gameplay, control, and power.【Superior edge guard】The edge of the racket is protected. When your ball falls to the ground, you don’t have to worry about the damage of the racket. You can do your best to complete the game. And the thin edge protection will not give you a sense of weight, so you can balance the process of waving the racket.【Cost-effective suit】USAPA Pickleball Approved, If you buy our Pickleball Paddle Set, you will get 2 rackets, 4 balls, 1 storage bag. Save all your purchases on the field in one go, saving your shopping time. Every YC DGYCASI pickleball paddle is designed to be an awesome pickleball paddle for either a beginner or a professional player.【Comfortable grip】High quality anti-slip, abrasion resistant and durable one-piece grip for maximum comfort.Pickleball paddle is perforated, sweat absorbent, and cushioned, to allow for a better paddle grip, you can have a great experience for the exercise.【indoor outdoor】Our pickleball paddle set is equipped with two different types of Pickleball, available for different environments, and is ideal for beginners of all ages, perfect pickleball paddles set for Intermediate Players or Pros.we can with friends, family, lovers, or almost any other person to carry out the sport, ideal for family gatherings【After-Sales Service】 Every pickleball paddle is backed by superior quality and under strict quality inspection. Our aim is 100%, satisfied customers. Return it anytime and get a full refund when you are not happy with our pickleball paddle Product Description About our products Peak rackets are mainly made of carbon fiber/glass fiber + aramid honeycomb/pp honeycomb/aluminum honeycomb and other composite materials. The racket is made by the hot press molding process or cold plate bonding process, plus UV printing or watermark printing process. It is a fitness and sports product made by the process of surface style, winding hand glue, and other processes. Process Flow: Squeeze the first embryo of the racket, mainly by hot-press molding or cold-laid board automatic engraving methodUV color printing or spray labelingAutomatic dispensing and sticking of side stripsWrap handle hand glue, mainly including punching, threading, embossing, silkscreen, etc.Carry out outer packaging, etc. Choose from a variety of patterns, color combinations Our Advantages The racket is made by hot pressing. The advantages of the racket made by this method are mainly that the overall strength is higher and the handle is more difficult to break.The hot press forming method and the cold plate bonding engraving method make the honeycomb board and the carbon fiber board more tightly bonded, making the hitting sound crisper, not easy to bulge, and the internal composite material is not easy to deaminateThe edge of the Picket racket is completely wrapped with carbon fiber material, which is conducive to the adhesion of the edge strips and is less likely to fall offOf the honeycomb material, the aramid honeycomb has the highest strength and the best hitting sound; the pp honeycomb weight is the lightest of the three, and the finished racket is of excellent quality; the aluminum honeycomb has the heaviest weight, and the finished racket has the highest hitting sound. After the ball, the internal honeycomb structure is easily deformed, which weakens the resilience of the racket. We are currently using pp honeycomb Products of different materials have different feels and sounds. Compared with sports products such as tennis rackets and badminton rackets, the speed of these sport is slower when hitting the ball, so the exercise intensity is lower. A popular sports product, especially a good choice for middle-aged and elderly people. In terms of venue selection, badminton sports venues, park communities, outdoor and indoor areas are very suitable. More Detail Pickleball Paddles Size Information Matters needing attention Keep the racket clean and not rinse with waterDo not place the racket in a damp placeSponge to clean the dust on the surface of the racket. After each play, just dip the sponge in clean water and wring it out, and then gently wipe the surface dust offWhen storing the racket, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, away from heat sources, and avoid sun exposure and heavy pilesPrevent hard objects from piercing and scratching the surface of the racket YC DGYCASI Golden/Silver Pickleball Paddles Set of 2 Q&A Q: Is this paddle certified by the USAPA? A: Yes, we have obtained USAPA certification, paddle to be used for the tournament play. Q: What is the weight of the paddle, the grip size, & does the paddle have guards on the edges? A: The weight of a single paddle is about 7.9-8.1oz. Pickleball paddles handle 4.9 inches, grip size 4 1/4 inches. The edge of the paddle has an edge shield, and enhanced edge guard protection strengthens the solidity of the paddle core. Q: Are the balls that come with it for indoor or outdoor use? A: We are equipped with two indoor balls and two outdoor balls, The orange balls with bigger holes are for indoor pickleball and the yellow ones with smaller holes are for outdoor play. The diameter of the pickleball is 2.8 inches. Q: What is the thickness of the paddle? Is this 10 mm or 16 mm? A: 10 mm Q: Is the surface of the composite pickleball paddle textured or smooth? A: The surface of this pickleball paddle is smooth (CHS), not textured. Q: Are these pickleball roquettes good for both adults and kids 8, and 11 years old? A: Yes, this pickleball paddle set suits both adults and kids. It’s lightweight. And the handgrip is 4.25 inches, which suits most hands of adults and big kids. Please rest assured to buy and use it. Material Carbon Fiber Face and Honeycomb Composite Polymer Core Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass and Honeycomb Composite Polymer Core Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass and Honeycomb Composite Polymer Core Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass and Honeycomb Composite Polymer Core Weight 7.97OZ 7.97OZ 7.97OZ 7.97OZ Edge Guard ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Package included 4 Pickleball Paddles & 6 Outdoor Balls & 1 Portable Carry Bag 4 Pickleball Paddles & 3 Indoor 3 Outdoor Balls & 1 Portable Carry Bag 4 Pickleball Paddles & 2 Indoor 2 Outdoor Balls & 1 Portable Carry Bag 4 Pickleball Paddles & 4 Outdoor Balls & 1 Portable Carry Bag Handle length 5.6 inch 4.9 inch 4.9 inch 4.9 inch SIZE(Length x Width) 15.6×7.8 inch 15.6×7.8 inch 15.6×7.8 inch 15.6×7.8 inch Thickness 0.5 inch 0.5 inch 0.5 inch 0.5 inch